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Solid Color Flag Toothpicks
No registration necessary - $50 minimum order - mix and match
Orders under $200 ship for a flat rate of $7.95 to 48 US states
Orders of $200 or more ship free to 48 US states

Toothpick flags are packaged 100 to the box and each box is sealed in cellophane. Flags are made of paper and attached to a 2.5" wood toothpick. Designs are on both sides of the flag. Over 50 world flag designs.

Great products for restaurants, bars, event planners and specialty retailers.

If you do not need enough toothpick flags to meet our minimum order amount for wholesale pricing, please visit our retail web site for toothpick flags and miniature flags. There are no minimum orders on that web site.

White Toothpick Flags
100 white flag toothpicks

Black Toothpick Flags
100 black flag toothpicks

Blue Toothpick Flags
100 blue flag toothpicks

Green Toothpick Flags
100 green flag toothpicks

Pink Toothpick Flags
100 pink flag toothpicks

Red Toothpick Flags
100 red flag toothpicks

Yellow Toothpick Flags
100 yellow flag toothpicks